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Automatic Cementing Side And Heel Lasting Machine

Product Description:-

  • The quick seventh-sectional switch of this Automatic Shoe Lasting Machine can adjust the cementing path very accurately in different sizes of the shoe.
  • This Shoe Lasting Machine can be simply rotating two screws to regulate the correct cementing path of shoe waist, and it is just one of benefit of quick adjustment features.
  • Lasting Machine also have automatically left and right shoe detection system, auto-detect the right side or left side of the shoe waist to change the cementing path.
  • The cementing distance is according to the laser point setting on the Heel Lasting Machine.
  • Five blocks of finger-press can be controlled independently depending on different sizes of shoe could adjust left and right spacing of pincers, and it could be independently or synchronically controlled by motor.
  • Pincers could be pull-up automatically, not only equipped the synchronic adjustment of pressure on right and left pincers, but also the high pressure lifting could be controlled independently pull-up inch by inch.
  • Equipped forward and upward pulling after clamping of pincers, and the motor controlled side lasting structure and pincer`s movement are equipped with 300 sets of memory for different shoe models.

Product Specifications:-

Model No. TH-668MAE
Automatic cementing Yes
Motor Power 2.35KW
Heating Power 1.50KW
Hydraulic Pressure 50kg/cm²
Capacity 1300-1600 Pairs
Net Weight 1045KG
Gross Weight 1095KG
Voltage 380V / 220V 50-60HZ
Hydraulic Oil Capacity 90 liters
Machine Size 1700X1300X1750 mm
Packing Size 1800x1400x1950mm
Country of Origin Made in Taiwan

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